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Monhegan Island Tour


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Cruise over Portland's skyline, harbors, forts, islands, and iconic lighthouses as you fly up the coast toward Monhegan, taking in the bold coast and rocky, spruce covered peninsulas jutting into the sea, before heading out over the Atlantic Ocean to the famed artist sanctuary of Monhegan Island.

We have special permission to land on the island 3X times per year.

Touching down on a private waterfront property, the Monhegan Island Brewery is a 2 minute walk from the landing pad. Stop in for a beer or tasting Or keep on walking past the lobster traps adorning the brewery's outdoor seating as you stroll another 5 mins down the quaint automobile-free streets of the island community to the downtown waterfront and choose from a selection of dining options.

 A chowder house, pizza place, sandwich shop, or the fancier fare at the Inn on the harbor front, are the various dining options.

You've got 2 hours penciled in on the island to really experience Monhegan's personality. There are no cars out there and you roam the streets and waterfronts and/or walk in the pristine woods, have a great dinner, ample time visiting the brewery or do whatever you wanted without feeling rushed on this slow paced slice of Maine paradise.

The flight time back & forth from Monhegan is about half an hour each way, so you can expect about an hour of elevated sight seeing.

Depart MHT Headquarters at Portland Foreside 5:00PM, enjoy Monhegan apprx 5:30-7:30PM and cruise back over the bold coast to touch down on Portland's harborfront around 8:00PM.


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